Upcoming Events


Jul 19th      Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Too Much Sylvia

Jul 21st       Holden Beach 6:30-8 - The Entertainers

Jul 26th      Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - The Extraordinaires 

Jul 27th       FASA Dance - DJ Ashley Holland   

Jul 28th       Holden Beach 6:30-8 -  Big Time Band                        

Aug 2nd      Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Special Occasion Band

Aug 3rd       SamCo Dance 6:30 Jim Quick & Coastline   

Aug 4th       Holden Beach 6:30-8 - North Tower                                                 

Aug 9th       CSSC Dance, DJ Billy Cook

Aug 9th       HASA Dance, DJ Justin Rouse 6:30

Aug 9th       Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Continental Divide

Aug 11th     Holden Beach 6:30-8 - Tim Clark Band

Aug 13th     CSSC Board Meeting, Lumberton Chamber 7pm

Aug 16th     Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Tim Clark Band

Aug 18th     Holden Beach 6:30-8 - Too Much Sylvia

Aug 23rd     Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - EnVision

Aug 24th     FASA Dance - DJ Ken Jones

Aug 25th     Holden Beach 6:30-8 - The Extraordinaires

Aug 30th    Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Blackwater Rhythm & Blues

Sept 1st      Holden Beach 6:30-8 - The Imitations

Sept 6th      CSSC Dance, DJ David Sessoms 

Sept 6th      SamCo Dance, DJ Walter Scott 

Sept 6th      Ocean Isle 6:30-8pm - Chocolate Chip & Company                                                              

Sept 10th    CSSC Board Meeting, Lumberton Chamber 7pm

Sept 12-21  SOS Fall Migration, NMB

Sept28th     FASA Dance 

Oct 4th       CSSC Dance, DJ Roy Childress   

Oct 4th      SamCo Dance, DJ Fred Rouse                                                                

Oct 8th       CSSC Board Meeting, Lumberton Chamber 7pm

Oct 19th     FASA Dance

Nov 1st       CSSC Dance, DJ Chigger Woods 

Nov 1st       SamCo Dance, DJ Robert Stoud                                                                  

Nov 5th      CSSC Board Meeting, Lumberton Chamber 7pm

Nov 16th    FASA Dance, DJ David Sessoms

Dec 6th       CSSC Dance, Terry McPhail

Dec 6th       SamCo Dance, DJ Carlton Vinson

Dec 7th       FASA Dance